Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children


Support HIV+ children by joining Ubuntu Africa’s World AIDS Day Campaign

Ubuntu Africa’s World AIDS Day Campaign

Check out our Supporter Welcome and Flyer for campaign details and ways to get involved

Vanessa Williams

Join UBA and Vanessa Williams, UBA’s Ambassador of Health, Hope, and Happiness, as we build awareness and support for pediatric AIDS and HIV+ children in South Africa.

While the number of deaths from AIDS-related causes in Sub-Saharan Africa is declining, the impact of AIDS on an entire generation of children cannot be overstated.

You can make a difference.

How it works: Commit to making a donation to Ubuntu Africa on World AIDS Day, December 1st 2012. UBA seeks champions of all types – from international financial firms and local wine shops to individuals and families.

Businesses: Donate 10% of Dec 1st income (or WAD eve, Nov 30th)

Retailers: Pledge to ask customers to add $1 to their purchase, or place a UBA collection container at the register

Web Sites: Place a “Donate Now” button on your web page

Individuals: Commit 10% of your income on Dec 1st

Every donation makes a difference… $2,500 supports one UBA child for a year; $500 provides a month of medical supplies; and $100 provides a hot meal to all 200 UBA children.

Incentives for UBA’s biggest supporters…

  • Recognition for top donors in UBA’s social media outlets, web site, and in donor outreach;
  • Celebratory Concert in New York City in December 2012 with VIP reception for UBA’s most active supporters

Pledge today by…

Tweeting UBA (follow #UBAWAD2012 for updates!)

Facebook messaging UBA

Questions? Contact saraforUBA@gmail.com

Follow Vanessa Williams on Twitter (@VWOfficial)

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