Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

Who We Are


Mission Statement

Ubuntu Africa is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of HIV-positive children in under-served communities by establishing community-based programs that provide lifesaving health and support services. UBA is also committed to fostering an empowered attitude towards HIV/AIDS among young people worldwide and engaging them to participate in improving conditions for people affected by global health challenges.

Ubuntu Africa is registered in the United States as Ubuntu Africa, NFP, a not-for-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the United States of America (EIN: 20-5952356).

Ubuntu Africa is also associated with Ubuntu Africa Child Healthcare, an organization registered in South Africa as a Non Profit Company (NPC) under the South African Companies Act (Number: 2008/012373/08) and as a South African not-for-profit organization (Number: 078-819 NPO).

The Meaning of UBUNTU

Ubuntu is an African philosophy based on the connection of all human beings. “I am because we are” is a phrase that is commonly associated with the philosophy. Ubuntu is based on mutual support and sharing what you can to help others.

Together we can restore the humanity of children living with HIV. Together, we can heal each other, our communities, and the world. That is all a part of the philosophy known as ubuntu, which we are making every effort to put to practical use. You are a part of this transformation!

“Ubuntu [is] that profound African sense that we are only human through the humanity of other human beings.”

-Nelson Mandela