Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children


In order to address the emotional and physical impact of HIV/AIDS, both private and group counseling is available to participants at our center. Many children in our program face stigma, have lost their parents, and have been victims of abuse. Ubuntu Africa Child Healthcare provides a loving and safe environment for where children can discuss and overcome challenges that arise in their lives. The parents of the participants also receive counseling and attend parent support group meetings at the center.

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Questions with…

Skwayi, Ubuntu Africa’s social worker and counselor

skwayiWorking at Ubuntu Africa, what is something that has struck you the most?

From being here what struck me is the way that the children are living. Most of them are living with poverty and [it’s hard because] in these families, you can’t just take a treatment with nothing in the stomach…Most of them are not cared for by their families…and there’s that feeling that they are not with their families, and they needed that love. I had to make a difference to these kids and their families.

What has been the biggest success you’ve had here, or something you’ve been the most proud of?

I am proud that this organization is being known by the community. They [families, children] are coming in numbers from the whole of Khayelitsha. Every person, even the parents in here when they are in the clinic, talk word of mouth to other parents and they are bringing more of the children here.

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