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Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

Ubuntu Africa

Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children


UBA’s registered nurse is onsite to monitor the participants’ health and treat opportunistic infections. When necessary- in cases where participants are too ill to get to the center- UBA’s healthcare staff goes to participants’ homes to provide care. In-home HIV care specialists visit children and their families on a quarterly basis to monitor their health, ensure medications are being taken properly, and offer care and support during illnesses.

$100 can help pay for medical supplies to care for the children we serve!


10 Questions with…

Ntuthu Ntwana, Ubuntu Africa’s Nurse


What has been the hardest health challenge that you have faced when healing/ taking care of the UBA children?

For me, it goes beyond food and everything. The knowledge to be loved and recognized as a child, that you are a child anyway and that you need to be taken care of. They get that here, but you just wonder about other children. You can see if from the child’s eyes and appearance when they first come here they are so withdrawn and not interested in anything. But when they are here for longer and you talk with them…I don’t think outside there are any other caregivers or parents that ask them “How was your Friday? What happened at school?” There are very few who will do that; it’s like we don’t recognize children as people having feelings. If you start there…the child will think ‘I exist,’ and from there the child will say, ‘okay somebody cares.’

According to you, what about UBA stands out the most? What do you think makes it especially different from other organizations that also work with HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha?

Here, you empower the children for the future. We give not just treatment but prevention. [These kids] are the future generation—they need to do things with open eyes, knowing that ‘I’m HIV positive, how do I do this?’ Not blindfolded. You aren’t going through people who are saying “This child is [too young], don’t talk about sex, don’t talk about this.” You prevent the spread here.

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