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Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

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Thumeka, UBA Youth Facilitator teaching at UBA Center, Khayelitsha

There are few support services offered to children in Khayelitsha who are living with HIV. After being diagnosed with HIV, young people in Khayelitsha are often left to bear the burden of the disease completely alone. There is a great need for Ubuntu Africa’s comprehensive HIV care program that provides services designed to assist and empower the young people living with HIV in Khayelitsha.

This is where Ubuntu Africa makes an impact!

Ubuntu Africa’s pilot project, Ubuntu Africa Child Healthcare, currently offers its program out of offices rented off the side of a church. Our staff members work diligently and passionately to offer the best care and support to the enrolled children with the space that we are offered!

The organization was thrilled to move into a much larger space in Khayelitsha, enabling it to reach even more HIV-positive children and pursue its expansion within the community.

Ubuntu Africa's new center since Jan 2012 in Khayeltisha