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Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children

UBA Toolbar

We are pleased to introduce the Ubuntu Africa TOOLBAR, a new way to support our organization!

With Ubuntu Africa toolbar installed on your computer, each time you visit and purchase items from over 2,100 sites like eBay, Amazon, Expedia, Walmart.com and others, a donation will be made to Ubuntu Africa.

The toolbar does not track your surfing behavior and does not include any spyware or malware.

Every search and purchase you make will generate a donation to Ubuntu Africa at no additional cost to you. In addition, you can continue using your computer as you have always done, and you do not need to access a special website to benefit Ubuntu Africa.


DOWNLOAD NOW the Ubuntu Africa TOOLBAR and continue searching and shopping as usual!


Please note:

  • The toolbar can be easily installed and uninstalled from your computer.
  • Your privacy will be safeguarded when using iRobinHood’s fundraising platform. If you choose to register with our site, we will provide you with an end-of-year statement which summarizes your charitable donations.
  • You can also choose to install the toolbar as a small icon.


We look forward to you joining us in using this new fundraising tool and hope you spread the word among your family and friends.

Please open in Firefox (and click allow), Internet Explorer (and click run) or Chrome (and click continue) to accept.

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