Domino necklaces are so unique and stylish as they lack the uniformity of the other necklaces. This is especially what makes them so attractive, they are handcrafted and it takes the designer a lot of creativity. You can wear them with casual outfit or with a formal one. If you can be able to make your own jewel, you will feel appreciated, and you can do this by collecting domino pieces and collaging them together.

Domino necklaces remind us of some form of folk art. They come in variety of styles which are largely influenced by different cultures. This could be traditional, pop cultures or art. Some of these necklaces are actually not made from domino but various colored “stones” such as crystals, coral, turquoise etc.

When you go out to purchase a domino necklace, you might want to accompany it with matching earring BandarQ or bangles. This is because it would be so difficult for you to get such unique pieces of jewelry to match your necklace; usually, they come as a set.

Should you want to try your hand in making or manufacturing these unique necklaces at home, you could search the Internet and you’ll be amazed at the information you will get.

It is not easy to say exactly how much a domino necklace will cost you. This is because some of them are made from semi precious stones and therefore their price would be high. If on the other hand the necklace you are purchasing is made from the plastic pieces that you used to play games with while young, the price would be much lower. Isn’t it exciting to know that those old dominoes that are lying somewhere in your house could actually be a piece of unique jewelry?

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