Hunter PGJ sprinklers are known as landscaping products that are easy to install, easy to change, and also very water efficient. In name Hunter PGJ sprinklers are almost identical to Hunter PGP, and as you might expect the operation is nearly the same. Like PGP, Hunter PGJ sprinklers offer increased safety and durability by way of a rubber cover. Some experts have called Hunter PGJ sprinklers “PGP Jr.” as this product attempts to scale down the older design. There was definitely nothing wrong with PGP-this design revolutionized the landscaping industry and continues to be the world’s top selling sprinkler for residential areas. The design adds in the benefits of having a rotor system while still featuring the simple design of a spray.

Hunter PGJ sprinklers may not be as big as PGP, but the operation is much the same. PGJ sprinklers work in tandem with larger rotors and can combine big and small areas within one 안전토토사이트 zone. This design offers added convenience and efficiency, a design that typical sprays cannot compare to. The major difference is that Hunter PGJ sprinklers have fewer heads, and so performs efficiently but also in a way that allows for more cost-efficiency.

What are some of the advantages of Hunter PGJ sprinklers? You get a radius adjustment screw feature, which allows fine-tuning of the spray and also helps to improve positive nozzle retention. You also get a protective rubber cover so you can keep and dirt or other debris out of the system. The product is very adjustable, anywhere from 40 to 360° and can be adjusted from the top of the sprinkler, up and down, wet and dry.

If you are interested in Hunter PGJ sprinklers then contact an online retailer or the Hunter Company to see where there are resources online or in your local area. Hunter manufacturers sprinklers, rotors, valves, central controllers, weather sensors and other landscaping products. Over the years, since its PGP product in 1981 shook up the industry (and has continue to be the #1 seller to this day) the company has continued to make improvements to its product line. IT now has over 250 patents. Buy Hunter PGJ sprinklers from a company name that you can trust.

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