Have you ever felt like you’re behind this big car that’s stuck in the mud? You keep pushing harder and harder but you still seem stuck? Instead of focusing on why we’re stuck, it’s much more effective to focus on what we want and where we’re going. So here is a simple three-step technique anyone can use to get “unstuck” and put more zest and vitality into their life! I call it the KAR Principle. And you can drive this KAR to Changeville whenever you’re ready to change! Take any challenge you face. Weight loss, wellness, well-being, money, energy, fitness, sex, or whatever! Break down the issue into the following components:

First, be honest with yourself. What KNOWLEDGE do I need have in order to change? What do I lack that is keeping me in lack? What do I hunger for that is keeping me in hunger? What skill don’t I practice that keeps me unskilled? Make a list of questions you know you must answer right now. Then answer them!

You must take new ACTIONS to get new results. Take actions that answer the questions above. Commit to a timetable to practice these actions. Then get moving! The universe rewards action!

Look in the mirror and ask yourself. “What have I learned from the KNOWLEDGE I’ve gained and the actions I’ve taken?” “How can I do this be better, longer, or with more commitment the next time? Give yourself 30 minutes of meditation or quiet time every day and focus on how you want your life to be. Don’t spend time a lot of time analyzing the mud. It’s okay to look at what worked and what did not work but spend most of your time dwelling in the possibilities.

Living a life of vitality comes from knowing how to get yourself out of the muck, back in the truck, and headed down the road of your dreams. This is your life! This is the only time you have. It’s time to enjoy what you have now and what lies ahead! Living a life filled with vitality is easier when you have the KNOWLEDGE, take the ACTION, and allow time for REFLECTION.

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