If you’re looking to tweak your speed and gain an edge while playing World of Warcraft as a Hunter, there’s a ton of WoW Hunter macros that you can use. But if you’ve never set one up before it can be a little confusing figuring out how to do it, especially since most of the lists of good Hunter macros you’ll find online don’t explain at all what to do with the list of commands. So let me walk you through setting up your first World of Warcraft macro.

If you’re unfamiliar with what macros are in the first place, they are basically commands that you can set up to activate by touching just one button (or button combo). Think of it as a shortcut. Every character in WoW can create them and you can simply come up with your own or, even easier, take a look at shortcuts that other players have already put together. The best way to use it is to set any repetitive tasks up as macro functions.

World of Warcraft Macro Creation

Here’s how you create a new macro. As a Hunter, you’ll probably 안전토토사이트 be setting up a lot of macros to control your pet, so we’ll set up “PetAttack” as a macro here.

  • Type /m
  • Click “New” in the box and then designate whether this will be a general or character specific macro.
  • Type your macro name, for example, “Attack” and select any icon you like. (If you select the Question Mark icon, WoW will select an icon for you based upon the commands in the macro)
  • Click “okay”
  • Left-click on your new icon and place your cursor in the “Enter Macros Commands” field.

Now you can input your macro. You can either copy and paste any macro commands you find or just manually enter your own command or series of commands.

  • Type /petattack
  • The macro will update immediately so you don’t need to confirm it
  • Now drag your macro icon to an empty spot on the action bar.

Tada! You have a macro!

So whenever you want your pet to attack, you just hit the number for that action button or right-click on it, whichever is quicker for you.

Now there are tons of Hunter macros that you can set up and the best place to find them is in the WoW official forums. You can easily set any of them up for your own characters by simply copying and pasting macros you find online into the “Enter Macros Commands” field.

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