Your skin will carry you through life, care for it the best way possible. The most important factor(s) in caring for your skin can be pared down to a few simple tenets of skin care:

1) Understanding what skin is; not just on your face, but all over your body

2) Understand how to care for your skin correctly before the application of cosmetics and skin care products

3) It is not just your skin topically, you must eat properly and exercise in order for your skin to be at its’ healthy optimum.

A brief education on the incredible organ that envelops your whole body

Did I just call the skin an organ? I did, because that is what your skin is, one of the essential organs of your body. Your skin is the largest organ (by far) on your body. Basically, human skin is SkinCell PRO the outer covering of the body, all of the body. Human skin has many layers of tissue that guard every part of the body; bones, muscles, ligaments and all internal organs. Your skin is the main organ that interacts or interfaces directly with the outside elements, thus it has a very important job to do; an insulator, the first line of defense against airborne or transmitted pathogens, and the main defense against excessive water loss. Seems like an awful lot of work, but those are some of the jobs that your skin performs. While it is not always possible to balance a busy life schedule with the perfect diet and skin treatment, rest assured that the skin has a fantastic capacity for regeneration and rejuvenation. So basically, your skin is incredibly forgiving for whatever transgressions you may put it through, to a limited extent. There are few essentials you must always provide for your skin, and I will get into those in the next section.

Here are some incredibly basic skin essentials that are neither expensive nor difficult to obtain, so listen up and be prepared to start feeding your skin

1) Cleanliness is essential

Cleansing the skin (not just your face) is the absolute key to skin health. You don’t have to use uber- expensive cleansers and the like, but you should look for non-soap based cleansers that are geared for your skin type. Worried about the cost of a good skin product? Look out for recipes for organic skin products that you can create effortlessly at home and use on your skin! When cleaning your skin, it helps if you rub the product into your skin for at least 35 seconds, giving the cleanser a chance to really get in and do its job. When you clean the skin correctly, you are removing, dirt, unclogging pores and creating a clean slate for the other products that you will be applying. Your skin will benefit far more from organic products than it will from chemical products, so try incorporating as many organic products as you can. Also remember, the cleansing products you use on your facial skin should be much gentler than the product you use on your body.

2) Water, water, everywhere!! Make sure you drink lots of it.

All organs in the body need hydration in order to function and thrive. Your skin is no exception. At the most basic cellular level the human body is comprised of about 75% water, the need to replenish that water constantly is imperative. Drinking 64oz of water throughout the day (more if you exercise regularly) can really do wonders for your body and skin.

3) EFA’s all the way!

EFA’s are Essential Fatty Acids, and they are an important part of any overall health regimen. How fantastic that they are very important for your skin too. EFA’s allow the skin cell membranes and the skins protective barriers to work effectively, thus they are imperative to your skin health. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are great EFA’s, and widely available at all kinds of price ranges. Plant based organically harvested EFA’s are a quantum leap in quality above regular lab produced EFA’s, so bear that in mind going forward.

4) It’s all about the sunscreen, seriously

Sunscreen not only helps to protect your skin against cancer, it also moisturizes your skin, and locks moisture into your skin when you are out in the elements, making it an essential tool against aging of the skin. Even when you drive you are being exposed to the suns rays, so use sunscreen as often as possible. So much has been written and discussed about the negative effects of overexposure. Interesting news may be that fully organic and non-toxic sunscreen products abound, so get busy checking those out.

5) The importance of antioxidants and your skin health.

Antioxidants serve a slew of purposes as the primary warriors against free radicals, and the main way to get plenty of antioxidants into your system is by eating them. Veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, plant oils and seafood. Vitamins C and E are also fantastic sources of antioxidants. All antioxidants are just as important for your skin as they are for every other part of your body, so find the best organic antioxidants you can and start ingesting them.

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