Cosmetic dentistry has fabulous news! Accelerated orthodontics is here and it is changing smiles fast. Certainly a great deal faster than the metal braces we’re familiar with from traditional orthodontia. If your front teeth would be improved with a bit of a shift, accelerated orthodontics just might be for you.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of techniques to improve the look of your smile. Accelerated orthodontics is one way along with porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and a variety of crowns. These techniques might be used independently or in concert. A consultation with the cosmetic dentist familiar with your case will shed light on your options จัดฟัน.

One of the most-appreciated advantages to accelerated orthodontics is that the process is ‘accelerated’. Traditional braces will take between two and three years to provide the result you are looking for while accelerated orthodontics moves things right along toward your finished result within three to eight months.

If you are an adult, unhappy with your smile, and orthodontia is the recommended treatment, you are likely a candidate. Within three to eight months accelerated orthodontics can reposition, straighten, close gaps, and correct the spacing of your front teeth. If this is your selected course of action you will be treated by a qualified team of dentists trained in this aspect of cosmetic dentistry.

Your cosmetic dentist will prepare your teeth by slightly reducing their widths to keep from crowding during treatment. This width reduction may also eliminate the need for extractions.

A periodontist may perform surgery under local anesthesia approximately one week after initial placement of your braces. You may feel some discomfort from this procedure for the few days that follow. You may also experience an itchy feeling in your gums as treatment begins because your teeth are moving at an accelerated pace.

Over the months as your accelerated orthodontic treatment continues, you will have regular follow-up appointments with your cosmetic dentist. Your progress will be assessed and any necessary adjustments will be made during those visits. When treatment is complete and your desired result is achieved, your cosmetic dentist may recommend a retainer to be worn at times to support your newly-positioned teeth.

Accelerated orthodontics requires a team of cosmetic dentists trained in this relatively new procedure. Depending on the fees charged by the specialists in your area this can be a costly treatment. Generally, it compares in cost to traditional braces. Your cosmetic dentist will advise you of approximate costs while discussing your treatment plan. Do take the time to check with your dental insurance company to verify if this treatment will be covered under your plan.

Because accelerated orthodontics is a relatively new procedure it may prove challenging to locate a cosmetic dentist specially trained to offer this course of treatment. Start by asking your trusted cosmetic dentist; they may just be signing up for training right now!

Taking into consideration the availability of a trained cosmetic dentist and the cost of accelerated orthodontics, for the ultimate speed and convenience of this treatment it is a winner.

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