Jack Mason Incorporated is a small business marketing solutions company located in Waco Texas. As of this writing they are running a rather simple PPC campaign for a rather large client. This client is the world’s largest food distribution company. Jack Mason was hired to implement some of the more advanced pay per click advertising methods being used by their client and set out to find a simple way to advertise on major search engines. They found that it can be quite complicated to get a decent return on the money spent by the business.

The solution that Jack Mason came up with was to create a web site and profile page that he could use to market the company and build traffic to his new website. Once the business owner activated the profile he created his own version of the profile, one that included the branding of Jack Mason as the “source”. This was the first profile page that he launched.

This particular profile page had the same basic layout of the main page of the company’s website. It showed the contact information along with the logo, and a description about the company. Then underneath the picture there was a search bar where the keywords used would be entered in. This search bar also included links to the web sites of the clients Jack Mason Inc profile.

Along with this simple yet effective design of the Jack Mason Inc Profile Page there were some other features incorporated into it. Every time a person clicked on one of the links on the left side of the page there was a small amount of money paid to the business as compensation. This money was not paid directly to Jack Mason but through an account held by Jack Mason Inc. This was done as a means of making sure that Jack Mason was actually making money off of his new business. The purpose of this was to make sure that the search engine optimization wouldn’t have any effect on the business since the money wasn’t coming directly out of pocket. The money was paid to him indirectly through the search engine optimization.

When an individual viewed the Jack Mason Inc profile page they were then sent to the contact page of the business. Here they would be able to contact Mr. Mason personally via email. The reason for this is so that they can ask any questions that they might have. Also on the profile page there was a link which directed the user to their blog. From here all visitors are invited to become a fan or subscriber of the business, which received a discount on any products purchased from that site.

The Jack Mason Inc profile page is an excellent way for people to learn more about this great business. Because it was designed in a simple and effective manner, it will attract visitors who are looking to purchase something off of the business’ site. People looking to run their own business can use the site to showcase what they’ve got. In fact this is a very good site for those looking to buy companies. All the major search engines are on it, and it has received a lot of traffic. There are also a lot of links back to the main site which helps it to climb to the top of the search engine list.

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