“Who is Jack Mason?” is a question asked by a young man to his father in a recent movie. It’s a simple, yet creepy, line, and one that’s meant to be a subtle tease for what we may be coming away with at the end of the film: Mason the son returns home after spending some time away, and we learn that his mother has been replaced by a male prostitute. The discovery throws both of them into a tailspin of confusion, and the movie ends with a disturbing portrayal of domestic violence.

Jack Mason is the son of a prominent lawyer and prominent political figure – hence the name ‘Jack’. His real name is Robert. We soon learn that Mason’s mother had died when he was very young, and he was made a substitute because his father could not find a decent replacement. This caused Jack to grow up with the guilt of an outsider – one destined to grow up in the shadows. However, he was smart enough to sign up for the wrong type of student loan, and wound up deeply in debt. The resulting credit card debt got him into further trouble Who is Jack Mason.

Mason then went off to college, where he pursued a degree in English. It was while he was there that he met his future wife, and the beginning of his love story. Following a mysterious, and rather morbid death, Mason now finds himself working as a consultant for a firm in New York City, while pursuing his life long dream of returning to college to complete his degree. This is all well and good, until his superiors find out that he is on the case of the unsolved mystery of “The Dead Zone”.

Now the whole world is a hunting ground for this secret group, and they have a list of people they want to find. Mason is put in charge of tracking down these missing people, and he sets out to use his unusual abilities – as well as those of his students – to help solve the case. As he uncovers the truth, he also discovers that this missing person is connected to the very dangerous organisation which he now suspects is behind the “dead zone”.

Who is Jack Mason is a fun and fast paced mystery thriller, that answers some age-old questions about what exactly is out there in the dark. Some of the clues given are a little far-fetched, but they do add an air of adventure to the story. And like most Mystery Novels, there is plenty of build up to the climax, which is often surprising and even thrilling to read. I especially enjoyed the way that the author repeatedly introduced new characters and locations, without losing the main theme of the story. And did I mention that there were plenty of plot twists? Yes, it was that good.

Recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of fantasy, mystery, or action mixed with a decent story, this is an exciting young adult Mystery novel. I hope that readers will be surprised by Who is Jack Mason, and enjoy it thoroughly. Just imagine the fun they’ll have trying to figure out who this mysterious person really is. I know I will.

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