Every year, there is a big event called Jamb Expo in different places all over India. Jamb Expo is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and it’s held from the month of August to September in various cities in India. Its main aim is to improve the quality of education in India for students from disadvantaged background and to introduce them with various other subjects which they may be interested in. Entrance into this competition is competitive and the top students are awarded awards like “Manish’ (awarded to the first 100 contestants) and “Chhotelp’ (awarded to the top performing students).

Jamb Expo is a series of Jambala questioning and answer sessions which contains Exams and Questions which are conducted by a panel of teachers from the CBSE and other leading institutes. Jamb Expo is an excellent platform to introduce yourself to various other candidates, who might be following the same path as you. Jamb Expo is a compilation of Jamb high school and higher questions and solutions for prospective candidates, writing Jamb and similar exams. It’s intended to introduce you to questions and solutions that come from the exams performed by different states.

This is also a sample test for those candidates, who wish to appear for the jamb exam, but can’t find time to go to a centralized testing center. The portal provides you with mock exams of the jamb course offered by different recognized institutes such as Jambool, Sankrit, Saindhav, Abids, Tirupati and Gujarat University. There is also a sample test of the 2021 examination for students who have been retained from secondary school. This sample test has been prepared by experts in the field, so that students can learn from it and improve their performances during the real life exam jamb expo.

The main goal of this interactive site is to provide all learners and aspirants to answer lots of questions and obtain valuable information, which will enable them to crack the exam. However, this site has certain flaws, which should be noted and corrected before one attempts to use this portal for preparing for the jamb cbt questions. The major flaw is the fact that the test page is always the last page displayed after clicking on any of the links in the navigation menu. So, when you click on any of the links, the first page displayed is the test page instead of the answers to the jamb cbt questions.

The second major flaw is that the questions included in this computer based test are not the ones that are presented in the entrance examination for the same course. So, it is not possible for the students to have an idea about the format and content of the test. So, whenever they click on a question, they are not making any attempt to crack the actual answer. This can be observed as a sign of poor planning and execution by the organizers of the computer based exam site. However, if the organizers of the 21st century jamborets are able to correct these two flaws, then they will be able to ensure that a majority of learners are able to crack the actual questions, which will in turn help them crack the 21st century computer based exam.

Another major flaw is that the organizers of the jamb at expo fail to provide contact details of the phone numbers of the judges or organizers, who are supposed to be contacted in case of any complaints or queries regarding the exam date or time of the exam. Many times, the organizers of this computer based test site refuse to provide contact details of these interviewers or judges, who act as the interface between the students and the higher authorities. So, it is important for the organizers to provide proper contact details of these persons. Without this contact information, it becomes very difficult for the candidates to complain or ask questions regarding their right to demand an extension or an alternate examination date, which is clearly laid down in the Computer Based Technology Examination Policy (CBTEP).

The organizers of the jamb cbt exams atimes fail to properly explain the eligibility criteria or the format of the questions that are to be asked at the computer based exam. This lack of proper explanation makes it difficult for the candidates to understand whether they have met the eligibility criteria for the exam or not. In case they wish to seek legal advice or clarification of the eligibility criteria or the format of the exam, they should be able to get such advice or clarification from the professionals who work at the center. Without proper guidance or help from the experts at the center, it is very difficult for the candidates to crack the 21st century jamb cbt exams.

The organizers of the computer based exams at the jamb expo have failed to acknowledge the importance of good planning by the candidates and the centre and as a result, the center has failed to deliver the expected services. There are several complaints that have been received from people who have gone to the jamb at expo seeking an extension but were not successful. These people are left frustrated because they were not properly prepared and did not take time to properly learn the answers to the questions. They were also not able to understand why the question was repeated or why the answer was incorrect. It becomes very difficult for the candidates to learn or improve their answers at the expo. Hence, the organizers of the jamb cbt exam must first make adequate arrangements to ensure the smooth functioning of the expo and then plan and arrange the jamb runs in a manner so that there is no scope for any irregularity or failure of the event.

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