Whether being worn for fashion or practical purpose, a properly made leather belt will last a life time. Though, many genuine leather belts on the market to buy at retail shops, even if they are billed as ‘hand crafted’ are really only a man-made, layered material which is much like a thin leather pressboard and tends to fall apart and separate with regular use. It’s just sad to see. So, to help you avoid the above pitfalls when shopping for a leather belt, here are some helpful tips: * Go for the genuine article cac loai tui xach dep. There are plenty of well known brands out there but avoid fake leather belts and replica belts as they are not worth the time or money.

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  • Make sure your leather belt is made from genuine buffalo leather. This is the stuff that connoisseurs wear. The best part is its incredible softness which makes walking in the sand easy. Note though that genuine buffalo leather is rather expensive which is why a good belt made from other materials, such as snakeskin, might be a better option. However, it is still important to ensure that it is indeed buffalo.
  • Do not match leathers. Certain belt buckle styles fit very well to tan or brown leathers while others fit only to tan or dark brown leathers. This is because there are actually three different styles for belt buckles: the decorative buckle, the no-decorative buckle, and the no-belly buckle. For example, the decorative buckle has a plain gold or brass buckle with a round hole. If your belt buckle is this style, then all you have to do is to match it to the belt you wear.
  • Belt buckles are not supposed to be worn for long periods of time because they can be damaged easily. Leather belts are much more durable than buckle belts, especially if they are made from genuine leather. In fact, you might even consider having a spare belt buckle. These are available in hardware shops or even specialty stores dedicated to leather products. You could also order them online through reputable companies such as Bullivare.
  • Brass and bronze age belts are the same as well. Bronze age belts are the ones with the no-belly buckle. They do not need a keeper loop, which is a big problem because if your belt has a keeper loop, the belt may become loose over time and cause discomfort to you. The bronze age belts are usually made of a heavier grade of leather than other belts so they don’t crack easily.

A leathers formal belt is a classic piece that always adds sophistication to any outfit. Choose the one that fits your outfit well. Remember to choose the right size, design and color that will enhance your outfit.

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