It is amazing the how the Bible offer the help and solution for any problem and hard circumstance we might run into. The bible is a goldmine for inspiration and encouragement!

If you go through the bible you will find encouraging bible verses on every page. God is a God who knows them He created, and knows about all they are going through in life, and also offers them a way out. He gave us his own word!

For me, different inspirational and encouraging bible verses have been life savers when I have been going through tough circumstances visit website. I have clung to the scriptures like a drowning man cling to someone in the rescue team. I have been taking these great bible verses to my heart, putting all my trust in them and found them be all that I really needed in that situation.

I know people all over the world that have the same experience; when we are pressed down and things is shaking around us; one inspirational scripture can keep us going and lift us up above all this turmoil.

But why is it that one word from the bible can have such an impact in our lives? How can something that was written hundreds and hundreds of years ago, still mean so much that someone’s life today can be totally changed?

It is because the one who is behind the words is still alive and are giving life to each and every word that His children believes in and are putting their trust in. The bible is an inspired book; and when we read it as words breathed by God, they will be coming alive and make wonders. One word from God can bring healing from sickness to you; one other word can bring new strength and still some other encouraging bible verses can bring you up from the pit of depression to a place where you can live a life with true content and satisfaction.

God is a living God and there to help you if you are in a place of need. His love is without limit for us, but only those who are reaching out in faith to Him are able to receive it. And the way God is communicating with us is mainly through His word; the Bible.

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