Feng Shui, better known as Chinese astrology, is an old pseudoscience, dating from ancient times, that claims to utilize energy forces to adjust individuals with their surroundings. The term Feng Shui literally means “wind-water.” It was created by Chinese geographer Cheng Hsien (who is today recognized as the originator of the term Feng Shui) in the early seventh century. This practice was adopted from Sanskrit and remains popular today in both the Eastern and Western worlds.

Feng Shui originated from the study of Chinese astrology, where it was discovered that the positions of the five elements (stones) were believed to control or influence the physical and spiritual growth. In addition, the location of these elements was supposed to impact the behavior of individuals. For instance, fire would be in a direct line with the north (when viewed from above), while water was always to be placed in the southeast. Thus, Chinese astrologers would suggest the placement of the five elements based on the positions of the celestial bodies.

Today, Feng Shui 2021 is used in home decorating practices. One example of its application is the use of the compass style room divider. This divider is usually made of two panels, one in each corner of a room. Typically, it is adorned with a decorative compass design or emblem. Typically, the design of these dividers will include the symbol for the five elements, namely, earth, fire, metal, wood, and water.

Not surprisingly, this practice has taken on a rather checkered history. For example, while the practice may have roots in the ancient Chinese belief that the earth is balanced upon four points, there are also those who question this. For them, the existence of a magnetic compass was much more a matter of fact than theory. The main point is that Feng Shui is more of an art than a science. In order to achieve balance in the home, it is wise to consult an expert who can teach you how to implement the proper Feng Shui techniques into your living space.

According to those who study Feng Shui, there are actually five different Feng Shui forms. These are the Bagua, hexagon, tai chi compass, ling zhi compass, and the yin compass. These different forms can be applied to any home decorating theme, whether it be a rustic country theme or a contemporary minimalist theme. All you need to do is simply to determine which compass style best suits the existing style of your home as well as the current atmosphere that you want to create.

Today, Feng Shui has been accepted not only by the Chinese people but by the western world as well. This ancient art of the Chinese is now being used not only to decorate homes but also to help improve the business atmosphere of any office. A lot of companies have their own version of the bag which is used to map out the new company headquarters. Feng Shui consultants can also be hired to help design a new office building since it is such an effective method for designing a structure.

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