You are a walking talking garden. I know that may shock some of you, but you are. It is no accident that at funerals the Pastor utters ashes to ashes dust to dust. From the ground you came and from the ground you shall return. The Bible plainly tells us that God created us from the dust of the ground.

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Because you are a garden whatever seeds (thoughts) you plant in your mind will grow. Your emotions are the water and fertilizer that causes your garden to either grow beautiful flowers or ugly weeds. When you plant seeds of love and you water and fertilize it with feelings of tenderness, warmth, passion, affection, and happiness your garden will flourish with plants growing after their kind. Also, if you plant seeds of hate and you water and fertilize them with feelings of anger, loathing, displeasure, fear, belligerence, and hostility your garden will flourish with plants growing after their kind Gartenhelfer.

The garden is the symbol of prosperity and abundance. The more you plant in your garden the more will grow producing an abundant harvest. You will reap what you sow, and there is no escaping that fact. You cannot sow crabgrass and reap a rose.

A person with a well tended garden exudes confidence, positivity, success, and cheerfulness. When they walk into a room it brightens from their presence. They are always happy, smiling, and laughing. Their garden is kept tilled and free of weeds.

A person whose garden is neglected exudes insecurity, negativity, failure, and depression. Their persona is dark and gloomy. They rarely smile and are usually irritable and in a bad mood. Their garden is never tilled and overrun with weeds.

So be careful of the seeds that you plant in your garden of your mind for they shall take root and grow. You are your own master gardener. Plant only in your garden what you want to grow. Be always on the lookout for weeds for they are notorious for getting into places they do not belong. If by chance a weed (negative thought) starts to grow take your mental hoe dig around it and pull it up by the root. Be careful to get all of it, because if you leave some behind it will start to grow again.

Where are you getting your seeds from that you are planting? What books are you reading? What tapes are you listening too? Who are you talking too? What programs are you watching on TV? There is a saying that goes “garbage in garbage out”. Make it a point to sow seeds in your garden that will edify you.

I do not believe that it was coincidence that man being a garden God took him and place him inside a garden. I believe that God was showing man how by taking care of the Garden of Eden how to take care of his own mind. You very well could say that God was also telling man all of these thoughts are good, but don’t entertain this thought because it is bad. The day you entertain this bad thought you will mess up your life. Is it any wonder that Satan attacked man in his mind first. Not his body, but his mind.

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