Many bookmakers offer Asian Handicap Markets as an alternative to the traditional “1X2” betting markets. If you take your punting seriously, you should include or develop Asian Handicaps into your punting strategies and explore using it as a viable alternative to 1X2 betting.

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When betting on Asian Handicap, there are only two options – to give handicap or to receive handicap. I personally feel that receiving handicap has a greater advantage than giving handicap.

If you are receiving handicap, you are actually betting on the underdog to win the game or at the same time drawing the game. Your probability of winning is higher than giving handicap livescore terbaru. When you give on the handicap, the team you pick has only one option that is to win the game. You will lose your bet even if the team drew the game. In this sense, when giving handicap, you must 100% sure that the team will win. There is no other way for you to win your bet when you are giving handicap except for the team you are taking win the game. As a season punter, I would prefer accepting handicap. By accepting handicap, you have already win the bet before the game even started and it can stay nil-nil after the whole 90 minutes and you still win your bet. There is some strategy in identifying the odds in Asian Handicap.

Most of the time, the opening odds plays a very important role in deciding which team to bet. Bookmakers 99% knows the outcome of each game when they open the odds and offer it to the public. They will usually inflate the odds for the favorite team. It will be wise, after so many years of betting, to accept handicap when there’s a clear signal appear in the opening odds.

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