Dr. William H Bates, the pioneer in natural eye sight began his practice believing what he was taught that most common eye disorders were permanent and yielded to no treatment.

Years of practice, during which he treated thousands of men, women and children, convinced Dr. Bates that this was not correct. He developed methods of eye exercise, mental relaxation, focusing techniques and other aids that often achieved amazing success in working cures where none were thought possible.

The most important and effective method to get rid of glasses is to  Visiclear take them off, leave them off and only use them as an aid when safety is concerned.

How is this possible?

There are two simple ways.

1. Exchange your glasses and contacts for a pair of training glasses which are plastic lenses with a multitude of small holes called Pinholes. The amazing fact is that everyone can see better with Pinholes. It does not matter whether you are short sighted, long sighted or have astigmatism, your own eyes will work to see as nature intended them to. Pinholes work because light entering the eye through a tiny aperture travels in a straight line to the retina eliminating blur circles.

Pinholes are good for reading, writing, computer work and watching TV. The only thing you cannot do with them is to drive a car. Pinholes are especially useful for people who have reading blur.

Using Pinholes as an aid whenever needed instead of prescription glasses and doing some eye exercises like quick change of focusing from point to point should bring improvement to eye sight within two months.

2. Find a Behavioural Optometrist who will weaken your lenses by half a diopter at a time, thus giving your eyes a challenge to work towards.

Most Optometrist like to give you glasses that are too strong and then your eyes have to weaken themselves to be able to see comfortably. Suggest you ask for glasses that have 80% of the strength that would normally be prescribed and keep reducing until there is nothing more to reduce. This might be a bit costly but will save a lot of money in the long run.

At the same time short sighted people (myopia) should do exercises that involves looking for different colours near and far and ask for details to emerge. Since vision is in the brain and not in the eyes then this is quite logical.

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