This is why it is important not only to design visually pleasing and navigation-friendly websites but create ones which are SEO-centric too. It is significant to learn a few tricks of website creation and not make ‘killing’ mistakes. Some such mistakes are mentioned below.

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Creating Templates in the first place
Though WordPress, Magento and other Open Source platforms allow you to create terrific Templates at a very low cost, their SEO related deficiency cannot be underestimated. It is well known that templates are not Meta tagged extensively from the back end and hence they are very hard to read by search engines. Customized websites with unique contents are far easier to be crawled by Google’s robots. Thus one can infer that creating websites with intense HTML tagging and CSS frameworks are far more suited to the task of SEO. It only helps that customized websites are also much more pleasing visually Oliver Wood Perth.

Using Flash on the home page
Flash cannot be decoded by the robots of Google. Despite its brilliant algorithm, Google largely remains biased towards text. Thus, flash images on the home page can be detrimental to the fortunes of your websites. If you want to use them, you can get your websites worked over the JQuery platform. If you do not believe in this superb technique of java scripting you can introduce a Skip Intro page or create a Flash enabled and non-flash website simultaneously (both hosted on the same server)

Failing to use image optimization
Unless optimized with image based meta tagging, you will find the images suffering in hands of Google robots. For instance, if you are using the image of ‘Dove shampoo’ on your webpage, Meta tag the image with.txt. This way, crawlers will be able to fetch the content and also the text in its proximity.

Not creating sitemap in XML format
Sometimes website designers rely on creating a HTML sitemap forgetting that the XML format is more easily accessible by Google bots. This way, they miss out on showing each page ‘in one go’ to the robots and hence the websites turn out poorly indexed. Naturally, it affects the search engine rankings a great deal.

Not creating drop down menus
Adding a long list of main navigation bars can be really harmful for a website’s SEO. It is much more viable to create fewer main pages and various drop down menus or sub pages to a website. A simple CMS can help in updating the sub pages as many times as you want. This way, a website owner doubles his privilege. As a first, he can put up new offers and discounts or change his images as many times as he wants. Second, the website gets terrific SEO boost.

To sum up
With a professional hand to help you out, such mistakes can be easily avoided. Thus it is important not to go the DYI way if you are not well-versed with the art of making websites. Also, it is always better to do some research online and read academic articles on the “Mistakes to Avoid”.

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