Smart phones have, without a doubt, changed the very way we live our lives and this is all due to various smart phone applications. As the saying goes, if there is a problem: there is a smart phone app for that. Recent innovations in smart phones have also allowed us to get more from high-performing cars like those from the BMW line. What exactly are they? Below are several of the best smartphone Applications for your car.

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Take Me To My Car!

We have all encountered this problem; we park our car in a crowded parking space for a trip to the mall and then seem to forget where we put it once we are ready to go home. Take Me to My Car ™ is an iPhone-Exclusive App that saves you a lot of time in searching for your car and is considered the best tool for those who consistently lose track of their vehicle. Just turn the app on and it would record the location of your car for you, leading your right back to where you parked it Realme X7 Max.


In all honesty, nobody wants to encounter an accident on the road but is best to come prepared should this ever occur. iWrecked is a free app for the iPhone that completely records an accident and gives you a full report of the incident, complete with details like pictures. It also records information like the record of the other driver and a comparative report of the damages between the vehicles. This would make filing for an insurance claim all the more easier.


If you have been on a long trip, or simply stuck in traffic, you would know how much it could be a drag without any sort of entertainment like music. This app available for all Smart Phones lets you stream music from your personal computer and listen to it on the phone. That way, you need not bear through those long hours behind the steering wheel in silence.


For those who want to keep track of the expenses they made for their car, the functions of this application would be a welcome help. Vehicle is a Car Expense Management Program for the iPhone that can record every expense you made for your vehicles like parking fees, repairs, gas fill-ups, odometer readings and even your speeding tickets. It can also analyze the data you have given and give you recommendations for repairs if it sees a problem.


This might come as something from spy movies, but this app can give you complete control over the functions of your phone while driving; with only your voice. Vlingo gives you full verbal command of the functions of your phone, without even looking at it, right from accessing files, taking calls and sending email. This prevents a lot of awkward fiddling with the phone while your car is in the steering wheel. Better, this could prevent you from encountering (or even causing) an on-road collision because your attention was somewhere else.

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