The SFIC (small format interchangeable core) has been around since the mid 1960’s. Best and Flacon security companies started competing with each other selling these. Now more than 20 manufacturers make SFIC cores and compete with each other. They go from what some call commodity all the way up to high security with restricted keyways.

At the heart is the small format interchangeable core. This is what has made these locks so successful. All cores must be manufactured to a certain size to fit into standard locksets, deadbolt and padlock body. Most manufacturers compete by designing new keyways, patented lock cores and hardware.

You can take a small format interchangeable core from one Divine Locks manufacturer and it should fit into the lock hardware, padlock body and deadbolt lock of all the other manufacturers.This is why it is very easy to create a complete locking system either through one manufacturer or several, but using the lock core from one.

Here are some examples of a complete SFIC locking system:

  • The ability to create very large master and grand master systems
  • Can key the padlock on the gate and the employee entry door to operate with the same key
  • SFIC lock core will go into mortise locks, rim locks, lever locks, deadbolt locks and padlocks very easy to remove and replace the lock core
  • Rekeying can be completed almost instantly

One of the biggest benefits of the small format interchangeable core system is the ability to rekey or change the lock almost instantly. Each lock system will have a “change key”. This key will remove the core and will be the same key used to install a new one. The change key itself will not open the lock.The benefit is if there is a security breach or if someone loses a key or steals a key; the affected door can be rekeyed very quickly.

Another benefit is the ability of manufacturers to make high security lock cores to the small format interchangeable core specifications. This provides a very secure locking system used in government, military or other high security installations. Electronic SFIC locks are also being made by at least 2 major manufacturers. This will bring all the convenience, security and audit ability that electronic locks offer.

It is easy to see why small format interchangeable core offers a complete locking system that has the ability to keep growing.

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