Toenail fungus is a case of damage to the foot nail with discolored appearance. Though it is not a life threatening disease that causes intense infection to the body, the fungus may affect the healthy muscle cells close to the infected area if not treated properly. There are various treatment options in vogue. We shall discuss here the pros and cons of laser treatment for toenail fungus.

Laser treatment nowadays has occupied the attractive corner when it comes to get rid of toenail fungus. It is a new method of scientific approach. The basic concept underlying laser treatment to kill toenail fungus is “No oral drugs – No topical application of ointments – No soaking of the foot nail in medicated solution”. The laser application to the infected nail is direct and definitive. There is high percentage of chance for curing infected nail with fungal growth. Prevention is also possible. In spite of these benefits, there are people to opt laser treatment with hesitation.

This mindset to get back may perhaps be the high cost for complete treatment with laser. Some people have fear over the infra laser to apply on any part of the body. Though the effect of laser is safe onto the infected area and helps to eliminate nail fungus, there is a doubt that the penetrating laser can damage the muscle cells close to the treatment area. There are comments on the treatment using laser Fungus Clear that it cannot be proved not to have reoccurrence in future. Beyond all such doubts and invalid reasoning, laser has been a good treatment to get rid nail fungus fast. New hopes have been given among the sufferers with ingrown toenail fungus.

There are other treatments using essential oils, tea tree oil, olive oil, and lavender for toenail fungus cure. But the use of these samples require more time up to six months for killing the fungus. In such context, the laser cure for nail fungus is recommended for the following reasons.

• Laser treatment is quite an approved method of treating fungal infection.

• Though there is no insurance coverage for nail fungus, laser treatment has no risks.

• Clinical trials have produced good results in eliminating nail fungus.

• The treatment is painless throughout the course

• The laser treatment requires just 3 to 4 sittings, each sitting lasting to 30 minutes.

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