Did your morning include any pouting, whining, or screaming? And how were your kids acting? Jokes aside, most moms have too many ingredients simmering in their pots and wish they could reduce stress and increase peace and contentment. As a mother of 4 young children, I want to share a few tips that keep me sane and actually make me happy!

1. Moms need 20 or more minutes a day of quiet time alone.

Yes, alone! Sound impossible? It can be done! Your kids will not be permanently damaged if you put on a short video for them while you take time to calm your body, breathe deeply, and just be still. Use your alone time to meditate, do yoga, or just sit quietly. I am always surprised by the “A-ha!” moments I experience during this quiet time that help me solve problems I’ve been facing with my children or with other life roles. And you will be a much better mom the rest of the day–I promise!

2. Give yourself a daily foot massage.

This may sound like total luxury for most moms, but if you can take a shower, you can experience a mini-massage! A foot massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do in a short period of time. Some people believe the foot is full of nerve endings that connect to the rest of your body, so as you massage your foot, you are essentially massaging your entire body, increasing endorphins and relieving tension and stress to leave you feeling great! I’ve found foot massages are easiest in the shower or sitting on the edge of the tub. I use massage oil mixed with my favorite essential oils, which makes the massage even more enjoyable and keeps my feet feeling soft and supple. You’ll love this!

3. Eat less refined sugar.

You heard me right. This is a toughie, but well worth it! Over the past few years I have gradually replaced most refined white sugar with natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. What a difference this has made in my mood! I have much more enthusiasm and energy; I simply feel more joyful, which is a big improvement from the daily gloom and depression I often faced in the past. And on the days that I regress and eat too much refined sugar, I have noticed I become moody, tearful, and angry–definitely not the type of mom I want to be! Try it yourself and see how sugar might be affecting your well-being 송파스웨디시.

4. When you need to get away, do it! Make this a priority!

Let’s face it. As much as we love our kids, sometimes we don’t want to be around them. Pay attention to how you feel throughout each day, and when stress begins to rise, give yourself a “time out.” This is most effective if you can leave the house and let someone else take care of your kids, even if it’s for just an hour. You can ask a family member, friend, or neighbor to watch your kids, or you might even hire a babysitter. Spend some time with your friends, your spouse, or simply do something you enjoy! You might even develop a new talent. I personally have dreams of learning to play the banjo…

5. Follow daily and weekly routines.

Figure out the things you absolutely must accomplish on a daily and weekly basis. Then create a daily and weekly plan and stick to it, making needed adjustments to your plan as your life and schedule change. For example, my personal morning routine includes exercise, meditation, foot massage, a few household tasks, and playing with my kids. I have a similar routine each evening. For a weekly routine, you might try to do laundry on Mondays, shopping on Tuesdays, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms on Wednesdays, budgeting and paying bills on Thursdays, vacuuming and dusting on Fridays. I like following such a schedule because I know everything will eventually be clean at some point throughout the week and I don’t have to feel overwhelmed looking at messy areas of my house. And I leave Saturday free. I deserve it!

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