I have to admit right here and now – I’m not the world’s expert on roller hockey sticks. But I do have a 13 year old son who has been playing roller hockey since he was 6 years old, So I believe I have some authority on the subject. I’ll tell you what I know from a purely practical viewpoint, and let you be the judge of the information. Fair enough?

Size The Roller Hockey Stick Correctly

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Roller hockey sticks must be sized correctly for the height of the player. After watching literally hundreds of hockey games, I can tell you that parents are not always on top of their kids’ hockey gear – especially hockey sticks. More often than not, the hockey player will grow out of his or her stick. This is so true as you watch a kid out on the rink who has a hockey stick that would have been too small even last season! Come on, parents – roller hockey is difficult enough without being hampered by a too-small stick. ‘Nuff said on this topic. China Ice Hockey

Exotic Materials Vs Wood

If you keep the business end of the stick taped up with that special hockey tape (it comes in all kinds of colors, and it is tough as nails) you can make due with a wooden stick for years. Even if your child is a power hitter, that taped-up wooden hockey stick will surprise you with how long it lasts. Maybe that’s why you see so many kids with too-short sticks? I suppose if you have extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, then you could go all out and get a composite or a graphite stick – but why?

These hockey sticks can be quite costly, and I don’t see any evidence that they will outlast a good wooden stick.

Consider A Goalie Stick

If your child is a goalie, chances are you might just use the skating rink’s goalie pads, etc. That may be a good call, because the equipment is expensive, and the chances are that your kid will outgrow the goalie outfit before the season is over. But, don’t scrimp on a goalie stick. Especially, a hockey goalie stick that is sized for the height of the player. This may be one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever witnesses in a hockey game: a goalie with a too-short goalie stick. In this situation, you (and the unfortunate goalie) will watch the puck slide through his or her five-hole more times than you care to remember. How about a stick that’s sized for the goalie – please?

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