Sit & Go Shark goes well beyond calculating winning odds to actually providing you with solid playing advice. Sit & Go Shark is based on Roy Rounder’s (a self proclaimed poker guru) approach to playing online Texas holdem poker. The complex mathematical algorithm helps players determine the right play in any situation, by providing the most accurate advice based on Roy Rounder’s technique. Sit & Go Shark is capable of compiling data based on your current circumstances; it takes into consideration everything ranging from a player’s cards to pot odds.

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The built in database contains a massive directory of poker rules, Sit & Go Shark digs into this information to pullout the best advice according to the player’s circumstances. This advice is then displayed besides your poker window in real-time, making it easy for players to make quick decisions based on the visual input from the program Legal Steroids Europe.

Online Sit & Go poker is fast and furious, with many sharks lurking just around the corner. Playing on a leveled playing field can be difficult for both weekend players as well as novices, both categories can stand to loose a lot of money if they don’t have the experience most pros have. Having said that there are many programs that can help you level the field and enable you to beat even the most experienced players, however the legality of using such programs is questionable. Programs such as Sit & Go shark are legal and are supported by many online poker websites. This is mainly an odds calculator on steroids. For all you know the person you are playing against is a novice that is using Sit & Go shark to beat you at every game.

Many people think that by using a poker calculator they will become millionaires over night, that may be theoretically true but you still need to have the right poker instincts to know when to play and when not to, when your opponent may be bluffing and when he might not. Sit & Go Shark takes the hard work out of playing online poker, its complicated algorithms insure that you are provided with the best possible recommendations, but it is up to the poker player to know how to use that information effectively

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