Green Card holders or Permanent Residents have been authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. There are various ways in obtaining the Green card lottery sambad. Most people obtain green card through family member, through employment and through a lottery program called Diversity Lottery program. Diversity Lottery is a lottery program held on an annual basis which is administered by the US Government for people from various regions to receive the Permanent Resident Card.

The annual Green Card Lottery program issues 50,000 visas to applicants who meet all the eligibility requirements which are required by the US State Government. The winners will be randomly selected from the entries, from various regions with low rates of immigration to the United States.

The US Government conducts Diversity Lottery program every year to maintain the diversity of its people. Hence they allow people from various regions with the eligibility requirements to participate in the lottery program every year. Each DV lottery program is named after the fiscal year for which it is designed for.

The applicant must be the native of one of the qualifying country. If the applicant is not eligible through his/her native country, then he/she may qualify through his/her spouse’s country of birth provided spouse is from an eligible country or if one of the parents was born in an eligible country, then the applicant may claim through parent’s country of birth)

Applicant must meet the required educational level. It can be either high school education or an equivalent or have two years of work experience in an occupation in the past five years.

The United States requires each DV lottery applicant to fill in the lottery application per the instructions given by the government. The applicant for DV lottery must submit one application for that fiscal year. If the applicant submits more than one application, the government will deny the entry of the applicant to the lottery program. However, the law allows the spouse of the applicant to file separate application.

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