ITIL V3 Intermediate Certification – Examination-Taking Tips

The ITIL V3 Intermediate courses and certification examinations are newly launched in most countries. The examination requires the candidate to answer Eight (8) multiple choice questions. Sounds easy but it is NOT. The questions are scenario based. You have to read about a page of text to understand the scenario, then read the four possible answers each consisting of a […]

TAUS in Copenhagen – What You Need to Know

Many businesses want to adopt MT, but face a seemingly impenetrable set of barriers when confronted with the cost of MT licenses, knowing which engines are available, understanding ease of customization, and working out how to measure ROI. The recent TAUS Executive Forum in Copenhagen helped shed light on how to breakthrough. Making machine translation easier Jaap van der Meer […]

GED Exams 101

What is Waec Expo 2021? Since last year, the WAEC board has come up with another Timetable, this time, for prospective candidates who want to learn when WAEC exam will be back on ground and go through the process of registration. It is a two-day event that takes place at the National Stadium. Registration is free, and preliminary tests are […]

Why Was the Jamb Expo Cancelled?

Every year, there is a big event called Jamb Expo in different places all over India. Jamb Expo is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and it’s held from the month of August to September in various cities in India. Its main aim is to improve the quality of education in India for students from disadvantaged background […]

Bamboo – The Harbinger of Health, Wealth and Prosperity

The enchanting and high rising culms of bamboo are basically an assemblage of truly woody perennial evergreen grass belonging to the family Poaceae. These new age fast growing grasses are found growing extensively in varied climates stretching from the cold Himalayas along the sub-Saharan Africa to as far as Australia. Ithold distinctive place in the traditional East Asian culture. This […]